DAR VICTORIA – with Merinid style decorations – will make you understand why we call Fez « the
mysterious ».
Its patio, very particular, contains many religious and esoteric symbols. In addition, a grain
elevator is intelligently concealed.
Its seven suites will surprise you with their originality, their refinement, the comfort of their
heated bathroom and their typical architecture.

– Emerald with its mezzanine of taffeta stretched and its bathroom in boujade and zelliges.
– Coraline, small light room, decorated with canvas, tadelakt and bejmat.
– Amethyst and its wide bench with numerous cushions that will transport you in the secret of
the alcoves.

-Hyacinthe, spacious and elegant room with balcony and beautiful window overlooking the
patio. Lovers of relaxation will bask in its large tub in dess.
– Topaz with refined African vibrations, ebony and golden sand.
– Sapphire, the vast, Syrian-inspired one where you can hide behind the curtains of the canopy
bed. Its two double rooms open on one side, on the medina and the other on the patio.
– Aventurine terrace adopts a Berber style revisited and resolutely modern.
Benefit from a traditional hammam session, Massage or receive cosmetic treatments. Then
enjoy the solarium and have tea or a breakfast on the terrace from which you can admire the
two Borjs, part of the medina and the nearby Zalagh mountain.
In the evenings you can admire the wonderful sunsets and dine on the terrace. In warmer days,
the heated patio, the lounge where a bonfire fire burns in its high fireplace, will welcome you to
read, play, listen to music, watch a movie or savor a delicious traditional meal.
The team of DAR VICTORIA will be happy to propose you what is concocted lovingly in its
kitchen: Moroccan breads, viennoiseries, typical pastries, sorbets and jams. But also, if you wish,
a meal in the respect of culture and dietetics.